Colombo Port City


This website will be launched soon.

Limited full page commercial advertising spaces
for Colombo Port City ( max 12 pages ),
Colombo City ( max 8 pages )
& Colombo Suburbs ( max 8 pages )
will be available on
first come first serve basis.
( Above max number of full page ad spaces will not be increased. )

A full page advertising space will have
max 10 high res 1280 x 720 pixel images on slider,
plus additional 2 thumbnail images
and min/max 1000/3000 words.
And you have the option to translate the content to
Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi & Spanish
without any additional cost.

Accepted categories:
Real Estate, Entertainment, Leisure Activities, Dev & Support Services etc.

Backend Framework : latest PHP Laravel MySQL
Frontend Framework : latest AlpineJS+Tailwind
Mobile Responsive.

Full Page Advertising space URL can be customized.
i.e. etc.

Wider global exposure and SERPs on dot com website.

Price : US$ 1250/- per page per year, renewable.
Payment Methods : PayPal, Bank Transfer.

Contact sales(at) directly
for more info & page reservation.

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